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General Features
  • Restorative and Nourishing drink; Easily absorb-able nutrients.
  • Enhances absorption of other food nutrients.
  • Natural and Herbal way for child’s physical growth & development.
  • Prevents bone degeneration and joint pains
  • Support body building.
  • Safe to consume on a daily basis with no contraindications.
  • Available in 600 gm, 500 gm, 100 gm Packing.
Ingredients Corn, Nutmeg (Jadhikai), Licorice (Athimadhuram), Aswagandha, White Chana (Bengal Gram), Balck gram (Ulundu), Ragi (Finger Millet), Cardamom (Elakkai), Barley, Wheat.
Dosage   Mix one spoon Herbomalt with water to make watery paste, Add milk and boil for two or three minutes, Add sugar to taste and consume warm.