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General Features
  • Relieves nasal congestion naturally (Inhalation practice)
  • Relieves headache and common cold (Steam therapy)
  • Useful in treating Sinus disorders
  • Natural herbal counter-irritant
  • Relieves Muscle pains
  • Loosens chest phlegm
  • Available in 25 gm packing.
Ingredients Lemon Grass, Peppermint (Pudhina), Ajwan (Omam), Nutmeg (Jadhikai), Eucalyptus, Camphor.
Dosage  Take required quantity to cover the affected area. Spread in circular motion and form very thin film of coating. Use on Chest, Forehead and mildly on the nose. Can also be used by rubbing between palms until warm and inhaling the vapor deeply. Also, can be dissolved in the boiling hot water for inhalation in nasal congestion.