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About Us

Rumi Herbals Pvt. Ltd  began its journey in India in the year 1996. Dr. E. Mayisvren, Our Founder an expert Homeopathy and a passionate traditional medicine believer formulated a broad array of traditional herbal daily use and medicinal compositions medicines and decided that they need to reach the common man for his everyday benefit.

Through decades of research and testing Rumi Herbals has formulated natural herbal products that works effectively preventing harmful chemicals and side effects

Our Memoir

Our Aim

To save mankind from side effects caused by chemicals.

Our Theme

Serve mankind with love and without prejudice of any kind.

Our Belief

The station of servitude is the highest station man can achieve.

Research and Development

Rumi’s R&D work primarily orients around the following two aspects:

  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance of Finished goods and Raw Materials
  • New Formulations and Enhancement of existing Products.

Facilities & Infrastructure

In adherence to AYUSH norms, our R&D houses the following units: Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Microbiology, Extraction and Pharmaceutics.
All units/laboratories are equipped with the best in the market set-up and facilities in line with the requirements of AYUSH.

Testing Methodologies

Standardization and evaluation of existing formulations are done through by Toxicological, Pharmacological and Clinical methods.

Govt. of India Funded Herbal Research Projects

1. Scientific validation of safety and efficacy profile of an Ayurvedic Herbal formulation (R05) in the Management of Diabetes mellitus – to the tune of Rs. 115.20 Lakhs funded by Dept. of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India
Development of Quality Herbal formulation (R06A) and its scientific validation for the management of Renal Calculi – Loan assistance from the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India under pharmaceutical research and Development support fund (PRDSF) program for Rs. 79.08 lakhs. ow, answers for the client questions.