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General Features
  • 100% Natural herbal tooth powder.
  • Stops gum bleeding and strengthens teeth.
  • Powerful natural mouth freshener.
  • Protects teeth from sensitivity and cavity formation.
  • Supports Gum re-growth.
  • Available in 100 gm packing.
Ingredients Chebulic myrobalan (Kadukkai), Maasikkai, Nutmeg (Jadhikai), Lavangam (Kirambu), Ajwan (Omam), Peppermint (pudhina), Lavangapattai, Camphor, Indhuppu, Gypsum.
Dosage  Take sufficient quantity of Glodent. Brush the teeth evenly, morning and night. Massage the teeth and gums with Glodent, leave it to soak for 3-5 minutes and gargle it clean. This helps instantly for external tooth ailment. Regular use and massage helps in restoring weakened teeth and gums.