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Human system - Food Supplements

Combination for Common Diseases

Nervous System

S.No Disease Product Combination Special Products*
1 Migraine Migrozen + Nivar + Relaxon** Haemogain
2 Epilepsy Nivar + Herbomalt + Memozoom Haemogain
3 Tremor Memozoom + Herbomalt + Masthura Idivallaty Mezhughu Caps
4 Paralysis Arogh+ Nivar+ Herbomalt+ Dhanvantra Tailam** Idivallaty Mezhughu Caps
5 Numbness Arogh+ Nivar+ Spirulina+ Dhanvantra Tailam** Haemogain
6 Memory Booster Viveha+Memozoom
7 Stress/Agony Arogh+Herbomalt
8 Neuritis Avera+ Masthura+ Nervinex Idivallaty Mezhughu Caps
9 Spondylosis Herbomalt+ Arthiro+spirulina+ Megni**Pinda Tailam** Idivallaty Mezhughu Caps
10 Parkinsonism Masthura+ Herbomalt Idivallaty Mezhughu Caps

Respiratory System

S.No Disease Product Combination Special Products*
1 Cough/Cold Vasaka+ Moolcafe+ Asmano+ Relaxon** Karpuradhi Tailam**
2 Sneezing Amla+ Vasaka+ Asmano+ Relaxon**
3 Chest Phlegm Amla+ Herbomalt+ Asmano+ Karpuradhi Tailam**
4 Allergy/Asthma Asmano+ Vasaka+ Moolcafe
5 Sinusitis Migrozen+ Moolcafe+ Vasaka+Relaxon*
6 T.B/Primary Complex/Whooping Cough Amla+ Herbomalt+ Asmano+ Karpuradhi Tailam** Idivallaty Mezhughu Caps
7 Lung disease Amla+ Vilva+ Herbomalt Idivallaty Mezhughu Caps

Circulatory System

S.No Disease Product Combination Special Products*
1 Palpitation Ushba+Arogh Haemogain
2 Blood Pressure Arogh+Moolcafe
3 Immune Booster Herbomalt+ Nel C+Allovir Juice Haemogain
4 Obesity Ushba+ Arogh+ Urito
5 Cholesterol Ushba+Arogh
6 Anaemia Spirulina+ Amla + Allovir Juice Haemogain
7 Blood purifier Ushba+ Skinto+ Allovir Juice Haemogain

Digestive System

S.No Disease Product Combination Special Products*
1 Gastritis Vilva+ Honey Bael Jam + Jeerna + Allovir Juice
2 Constipation Constino + Moolcafe ++ Vilva + Jeerna
3 Gas Trouble Moolcafe + Vilva +Jeerna+Allovir Juice
4 Gastric Ulcer and Other Ulcers of GI Tract Vilva+ Herbomalt+ Allovir Juice
5 Diarrhoea/ Ameobiasis/ Dysentry Vilva(Concentrate)
6 Worms Liveren+Vilva
7 Liver swelling / Jaundice Vilva + Liverem + Herbomalt
8 Diabetes Avera + Diarun + Diarun Plus
9 Piles / Fistula / Fissure Vilva + Moolcafe + Constino + Soleshine**
10 Mouth ulcer / Bad Breath Vilva + Herbal Fresh (Mouth Wash)
11 Gum Swelling Amla + Glodent(Tooth Brushing)** + Herbal Fresh (Mouth Wash)**
12 Loss of appetite Vilva (or) Honey Bael Jam + Jeerna
13 Abdominal Distension Jeerna + Vilva + Liverem
14 Erucation / Indigestion Jeerna + Vilva + Liverem

Reproductive System

S.No Disease Product Combination Special Products*
1 Infertility(Men) Masthura+ Herbomalt+ Vilva+ Rejuvin Haemogain
2 Infertility(Women)/ Menstrual disorders Ushba+ Moolcafe+Menorin Haemogain
3 Uterine disorders/Irregular Menstruation Femitone+ Moolcafe+ Ushba+ Allovir Juice Haemogain
4 Fibroid Utrerus Femino+ Menorin+ Ushba+ Allovri Juice Karpavani Elagam
5 Painful Menstruation Femitone+ Ushba+ Femino+ Allovir Juice Karpavani Elagam
6 White discharge Femino+ Ushba+ Menorin+ Allovir Juice
7 Uterine Cysts Femitone+ Femino+ Ushba+ Allovir Juice
8 Excess Menstrual Bleeding Amia+ Moolcafe+ Herbomalt Karpavani Elagam
9 Tonic for Pregnant Women/Milk Secretion for feeding Mothers. Herbomalt+ Spirulina+ Amia Karpavani Elagam
10 Delayed Menarche Femino+ Ushba+ Femitone Karpavani Elagam

Urinary System

S.No Disease Product Combination Special Products*
1 UrinaryObstruction/ Incontinence/ Prostate Enlargement Urito+ Femino
2 Kidney Stone/Burning Urination/Pain Urito+ Ushba+ Femino
3 Bed wetting Memozoom+ Herbomalt+ Viveha

Skeletal System

S.No Disease Product Combination Special Products*
1 Body Pain Herbomalt+ Megni**+ Pinda Tailam**
2 Joint Pain/Neck Pain Arthrito+ Herbomalt+ Megni**+ Pinda Tailam**
3 Bone degeneration Herbomalt + Arthrito + Megni

Skin Diseases

S.No Disease Product Combination Special Products*
1 Scabies Skinto+ Ushba+ Nivar+ Skinto Oil**+Meni Amla Soap**
2 Eczema Skinto+ Ushba+ Sole Shine**+ Skinto Oil**+ Meni Amla Soap IdivallatyMezhughu Caps
3 Fungal Infections Skinto+ Ushba+ Soleshine**+ Skinto Oil**+ Meni Amla Soap
4 Pimples Ushba+ Allovir Juicer+ Fair-On**+ Face and Body Shampoo**+ Meni Amla Soap**
5 Hair fall Spirulina+ Amla+ Hairtone+**+Shikkar Shampoo** Haemogain
6 Dandruff Skinto+ Ushba+ Herbomalt+ Hairtone**
7 Premature Grey Hair Spirulina+ Herbomalt+ Neelibringathi Tailam**
8 Alopecia Hair Tone** + Soleshine**
9 Black Spots Skinto + Ushba + Fair On ** + Allovir soap** + Skinto Oil**
10 Corn Foot Skinto + Arogh + Herbomalt + Soleshine**
11 Elephantiasis Nivar + Herbomalt + Memozoom + Soleshine**
12 To Increase Body Weight Spirulina + Amla + Herbomalt
13 Excess Body Heat / Burning eyes Ushba + Allovir Juice + Rose Oil** + Skikakkai Powder**
14 Ageing Disorders Aswa + Herbomalt + Allovir Juice Haemogain
15 Eruption Nivar + Skinto + Avera Plus + Face & Body Shampoo**


S.No Disease Product Combination Special Products*
1 Tiredness/Weakness Spirlina+ Aswa+ Karpuradhi Thailam** Haemogain
2 Delivery marks/ Scars Ushaba+ Skinto+ Soleshine**+ Pinda Thailam**
3 Burns Ushba+ Skinto+ Soleshine**
4 Harmful effects of Smoking Spirulina+ Vilva
5 Harmful effects of Alcohol Liverem+ Herbomalt+ Vilva
6 Teeth Sensitivity Glodent (Tooth Brushing)**+ Herbal Fresh(Mouth Wash)**
7 Intolerance of Milk Vilva
8 Morning Sickness Vilva
9 Varicose Veins Herbomalt+ Moolcafe+ Arogh
10 Urinary Care Urinto+Ushba

Note: For External Use Only